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New story DLC? posted these new achievements, however I have never heard of another DLC coming out. It is obviously a story-based DLC. Does someone have more on this, or can you link the news. Thank you.

Part of the Creed10 (10)

Take the induction leap of faith

Jump they say10 (10)

Reach the Animus memo

Enter the Animus10 (10)

Enter the Animus simulation

Meet your maker10 (10)

Finish memory five

Secret Achievement25 (25)

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Find all Pieces50 (50)

Find all decipher fragments

Secret Achievement50 (50)

Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Save yourself10 (10)

Land on a block after falling more than 25 meters

Impress Warren Vidic50 (50)

Complete the Animus testing sequence without failing

Cross Styx without dying25 (25)

Make it across the river Styx without failing

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