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Originally Posted by Douy75 View Post

I've been called a camper a couple of times, but there is a difference between hearing someone coming and not being an idiot and running straight into their line of sight and just sitting round a corner for the whole game waiting for people to walk by.

If I hear someone coming, I'll usually hide and kill them when they pass me, then proceed on my merry way. That's not camping, it's just being sensible.

Also, people who play objective based games but don't attempt to complete the objectives. I hate how the scorecard only shows kills and deaths. In domination, it should show captures at least. The amount of people in kill confirmed who don't collect tags is irritating as well.
Treyarch had it right with Captures and Defends on the scoreboard for Objective games.

Even the grid reference on the map was good, but IW are so far up they're own arses you can't expect them to keep any of Treyarchs ideas in.

Say what you want about Treyarch, at least they tried to make a different game with Blops and brought fresh ideas in.

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