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Originally Posted by yamayamayaamaa View Post
Someone make a real guide for this site please! lol

That "guide" doesn't really explain much. You guys have explained more on this site and I thank you for that.

But I really want to know EXACTLY what to do for some achievements because that guide doesn't explain which achievements can be acquired easily. For example, what achievements have to be done on default setting, which can be done with EX options, and how exactly do you unlock the extra Game Config EX options? No one seems to really know.

Edit: Yeah this is really annoying. I've been playing forever and still haven't unlocked Chip Range Control, Chip Drop Control, and No Bullet.

Edit again: Ok, I finally unlocked Chip Range Control at 9 hours played. So I'm assuming the rest will unlock with time.
All achievements can be unlocked after changing the default settings, extra lives, difficulty.
Same goes with all EX options.
The only achievements that are locked are the no continue clearing each of the levels, but thats only if no bullet mode is selected. All other EX changes are fine.
I'm pretty sure you get the no bullet mode after 45 game over screens, this is the last EX option, so all others will be unlocked before this.
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