View Full Version : Potential helpful glitch

07-19-2011, 06:16 PM
I just found a glitch that should be able to help those Tetris players out there that are close to 100% completion, but can't quite get there.

I'm trying to confirm if this is just my phone or if it works for everyone. My phone is an HTC HD7.

Anyway, go into the variant you are working on and choose level 15. (It works for Marathon as well.) When the game starts, drop a few pieces and then hit your search button to go to Bing. Hit the return button and when your game resumes, you will be starting over, but the pieces you start with will be the same game after game. I get a backward "L", then an "L", then "I", "S", a square, "T", then a "Z" etc. Every time I lose and retry, I get the same pieces in the same order until I go back to the menu. Now all you have to do is commit a plan for these pieces to memory for the easiest way to get 40 lines.

You will still have to be quick and precise, and you will still have to fight off the terrible controls, but it takes the random factor out of the equation.

Also, I'd say to get treadmill, ledges and flood out of the way first since the nature of those games can ruin your plans!

I hope this helps somebody! Let me know if this works for anyone else and what phone you have! :)