View Full Version : My 11hr 57min 18sec playthrough

big red marino
11-30-2009, 07:06 PM
I just finished this game on Uber in one playthrough obtaining all the achievements. For the most part the road map and guide are pretty good. The game never froze on me. Also, if you are pressed for time, like I was, then you can go back and play for conservationist after you finish the game. Once you are finished and you are watching credits just skip them and it takes you to the main menu. Then just choose to continue your game, and you will be back at the last boss battle. You can then cancel that from your journal and it will send you back to town. Since you are done with the game you can change the difficulty in the options screen to EASY and basically walk through the train station without ever having to load a weapon. I mostly used grenades, mire shield (cause it kills when you are close) and then, stabbed those nazis with my KAR98.

Finally, I used the IGN walkthrough for any parts that I got stuck on. Also, they do a great walkthough of the collectibles in town. Make sure you resist on touching any collectibles until you have the airfield available to play. Which you should do cause at that time everything in the areas of town are unlocked.

The MP for this game is garbage. However, the campaign was pretty fun eventhough the storyline is a bit weak and over done.